Season 2

Professor Ash Fure on The Power of Sound

Join us as Associate Professor of Music (Sonic Arts) Ash Fure talks about the experimental and contemporary use of sound and noise. The professor also discusses a recent project at the Hopkins Center of Art, and the vital role of music and sound in other areas of society. 

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Professor Matthew Delmont on African Americans and World War II

Join Frank J. Guarini Associate Dean of International Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs and the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of History Matthew Delmont as he talks about the definitive history of World War II from the African American perspective and the experiences of the African American men and women who served.

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Professor Reiko Ohnuma on Buddha's Two Mothers

Join Robert 1932 and Barbara Black Professor of Religion and Chair, Department of Religion Reiko Ohnuma as she talks about the ancient faith traditions of Buddhism and how gender issues and narrative literature have affected the philosophy as we know it today. 

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Professor William Wohlforth on International Security and Subversion

Join Daniel Webster Professor William Wohlforth, the 2021-22 Faculty Director, Dartmouth Initiative for Global Security and Faculty Coordinator, Rosenwald Fellows Program in US Foreign Policy and International Security at the Dickey Center, on the challenge of subversion in international and domestic politics.

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Professor Yoli Sanchez on Life-Saving Cancer Therapies

Join Professor of Molecular and Systems Biology and the Dartmouth Cancer Center's Associate Director for Basic Science Yoli Sanchez as she talks about the critical life-saving cancer research being conducted at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. 

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Professor Colin Meyer on Worlds of Ice and Snow

Join Assistant Professor of Engineering Colin Meyer, as he takes a fascinating look at Earth's icy and frozen locations in a changing climate.

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Season 1

Professor Sonu Bedi on The Practice of Disagreement

"That's a feature of the American republic, to disagree." Join Professor of Government Sonu Bedi, as he delves into the rich and sometimes contentious history of disagreement and the United States Constitution.

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Professor Mary Coffey on Orozco's American Epic

Join Professor of Art History Mary Coffey, as she takes us on a journey through the Baker Library lower level reading room to learn more about one of Dartmouth’s most treasured works, The Epic of American Civilization.

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Dan Rockmore on machine learning and creativity

Professor Dan Rockmore on Machine Learning and Creativity

Go back to class with Associate Professor Dan Rockmore as he explores the future of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and its influence on human creativity.

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Jeremy DeSilva on the Evolution of Upright Walking

Professor Jeremy DeSilva on the Evolution of Upright Walking

Learn more about Associate Professor of Anthropology, Jeremy DeSilva’s fascinating research on the origins of upright walking through the fossil record, and its effects on the human experience.

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meredith kelly on climate change

Professor Meredith Kelly on Climate Change

Learn more about Associate Professor of Earth Science, Meredith Kelly’s captivating research on climate change and the surprising history of the landscape where Dartmouth stands today.

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Kimberly Juanita Brown on Slavery's Afterlife

Professor Kimberly Juanita Brown on Slavery's Afterlife

Go back to class with Associate Professor Kimberly Juanita Brown as she examines our culture’s perception of Black bodies, imminent death, and the ways these images can cause collective suffering.

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